The Coffee…

A cup of coffee for me was like daily dose of medicine, daily wake up tonic and mood changing pill.

There was never a day I had been without a cup of coffee except that one and only day in which I felt like , ” oh god please bless me with a Cup of Coffee….”.

…..It was the day when we landed in Melbourne city of Australia for our Christmas vacations. It would have hardly took 2 days to reach Melbourne as the flights were delayed, and as there was no availability of coffee on our flights I hoped I could get it after we reach the place.

We reached our pre-booked hotel at around 3am midnight, as we all were tired we slept off. When I woke up the time was 2pm. After a 2 day long travel my head was about to burst. so I just washed my face and decided to go out with my hubby to have my soul drink “coffee”. I was soo off minded at that time that I din’ t even thought about my daughter- who was sleeping alone in an unknown hotelat unknown place.

what happened after that?……..

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